Members of the Committee on Global Thought offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate level across in many of Columbia’s schools and departments. Sort courses using filters at left.

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Architectural Visualization since 1900

Reinhold Martin

Instructor(s): Reinhold Martin Spring 2014 Graduate Department: Architecture, Planning and Preservation Directory Listing: Course Number: ARCH4326 Points: 3 Time: M 11:00am-1:00pm Open to Architecture, Planning and Preservation students only.  

Comparative Capitalism

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar

This course provides a critical introduction to work in comparative political economy that addresses the diverse ways in which contemporary capitalism is organized at the national level.


Post-Doctoral Research Scholar

A course on incarceration taught by post-doctoral research scholar Darryl Li.

Culture in Foreign Policy: China and India

Vishakha Desai

For the first time in more than two centuries, non-western players such as China and India are beginning to take center stage in a nascent multi-polar world.

Economic Development in Latin America

Jose Antonio Ocampo

This course aims at familiarizing students with historical and contemporary debates on Latin American economic development and its social repercussions.

Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses

Other, Patrick Bolton

How is it that financial crises seem to recur with such frequency, despite regulatory responses?

Global AIDS Policy

Richard G. Parker

A broad overview of the social, political, and economic factors shaping the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and of the policy responses that the epidemic has generated in different settings.

Global Political Thought

Akeel Bilgrami, Other

A seminar co-taught by Akeel Bilgrami, Sudipta Kaviraj ,and Souleymane B Diagne.

International Ethics

Michael Doyle

The seminar begins with an examination of how moral philosophers have considered the problem of the ethics of policy choice.

Law and Development

Katharina Pistor

This course will examine the various roles that law and legal institutions play in economic, social, and political development in both theory and practice.

Leadership and Innovative Policymaking

Jan Svejnar

To what extent are economic and political outcomes products of leadership as opposed to external environment?

Microeconomics and Public Policy II

Jan Svejnar

The class covers basic economics thinking and policy applications derived primarily from labor economics, industrial organization and international economics.

Modern Greece

Mark Mazower

An undergraduate research seminar which will allow students with an interest in the Balkans, eastern Europe and the Ottoman empire to trace in detail the emergence of the independent Greek nation-state

Seminar: Self-Knowledge

Akeel Bilgrami

What makes self-knowledge different from all other forms of knowledge?


Richard G. Parker

Instructor(s): Richard G. Parker Spring 2014 Undergraduate Department: Anthropology Directory Listing: Course Number: ANTH1200 Points: 3 Time: TR 11:40am-12:55pm

Sufism and Society in West Africa

Mamadou Diouf

This seminar examines Sufism and Society in West Africa considering three periods: the pre-colonial, the colonial, and the postcolonial.

A History of African Cities

Mamadou Diouf

The seminar is an interdisciplinary exploration of the history of African cities, examining very closely three periods: the pre-colonial, the colonial, and the postcolonial.

A New University

Other, Reinhold Martin

This seminar will reflect on the future of the American research university–what co-instructor Jonathan Cole, summarizing its extraordinary success over two centuries, has called the “Great American University”–in a rapidly changing world context.

Corporate Finance Theory

Patrick Bolton

This course for PhD candidates in finance and economics covers a selection of important topics in corporate finance theory.


Katharina Pistor

This basic course in corporation law also serves as an introduction to comparative corporate law.

Development Economics

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar

CGT Post-Doc Bilge Erten teachers this course on development studies.

Global Economic Governance

Jose Antonio Ocampo, Other

This course aims at familiarizing students with major issues surrounding global economic governance and its effects on developing countries.

Global Urbanism

Saskia Sassen

Cities are at the forefront of a range of global governance challenges and novel types of politics, both formal and informal. Many of today’s major global governance challenges become concrete, urgent and practical in cities worldwide.

Immigration, Cities, States

Saskia Sassen

This course examines the challenges of transnational processes through a focus on both macro level cross-border flows and micro processes which might take place at a global or at a sub-national level.

Introduction to Social and Cultural Theory

Partha Chatterjee

This course introduces students to crucial theories of society, paying particular attention to classic social theory of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Law and Finance Theories

Katharina Pistor

Students will build familiarity with range of theories on law and finance and develop analytic skills to critically review then and their application in regulatory practice.

Managing Talent and Creativity in Media Companies

Other, Sudhir Venkatesh

This course explores the challenges of leading and growing a media-centric company, with a principal focus on businesses that produce creative media.

Narratives of World War II

Carol Gluck

An examination of literary and cinematic narratives of the Second World War produced in the decades since 1940.

Power and Hegemony

Partha Chatterjee

THis class focuses on Gramsci and Foucault, and their analysis of power in society.

US-Latin American Relations, WWII-Present

John Coatsworth

The course seeks to analyze the dynamics and issues that describe relations between the United States and Latin America since the end of World War II.