Accepting Your Offer

If you have been successful, you will receive an initial offer letter, via email, from the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Only the Dean of GSAS has the authority to make an offer of admission. A letter or email from a faculty member is not an official offer of admission. Only when you receive the official offer signed by the Dean of GSAS are you considered admitted. However, the offer of admission is only considered fully official after we have received your official paper transcripts and are able to verify authenticity. Any discrepancies between the uploaded and official paper transcripts may result in the rescinding of the offer of admission.

Your offer letter

If you receive an offer from our department, you will also receive an offer from GSAS. Your offer letter will ask whether you wish to accept the offer of a space made to you. You should read the offer letter, including any conditions set by our department before accepting the offer. If you have questions about your offer, you should contact our department directly.

Deferring an offer

The Graduate School offers admission with the expectation that students will matriculate in the semester specified during the application process. If extraordinary circumstances will prevent you from matriculating, you may submit a request to defer your admission for up to one calendar year. Deferral requests are not automatically granted and will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions.

M.A. applicants may request a deferral only after accepting the original offer of admission and submitting the $750 tuition deposit. After the deposit is paid, a Deferral Request Form will be available on the Applicant Status Page.

You will be notified about the disposition of your deferral request via email. Please contact with any questions.