After You Apply

Once your completed application has been submitted in time for the deadline, with all required supporting materials (including references submitted by your referees) and payment of the application fee, our admissions committee will assess your application and notify you of its outcome. If you are successful and receive an offer from our department, you will then also receive an offer from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

The timetable below is for admissions decisions for 2018-2019 entry:

Application Deadline  Priority  Regular
Date Friday, February 2, 2018 Friday, April 20, 2018
Notification of application outcome from department Late February onwards Early May onwards
Expected notification of GSAS placement 1-2 weeks following departmental decision

Please note: this timetable is for guidance purposes only. In some cases, notifications may take longer and occasionally applicants may hear from our department or GSAS before the times given above. There is no formal decision-making timetable for applications submitted after the May deadline, though you may still expect to be notified of our decision within four to six weeks of completing your application during this period. All decisions are communicated in writing from GSAS, usually by e-mail.

If you have specific questions about our program or department, please contact us via email at

For questions regarding your application, please contact GSAS Admissions by email at, or by phone at (212) 854-6729.

Assessment of Your Application

Our department’s admissions committee is responsible for assessing the academic quality and suitability of your application.

All applications are academically assessed against the admissions requirements for the program and then in terms of the quality of previous academic excellence and future potential in comparison with the applications received from other candidates for the program. If necessary, our department may want to conduct an interview with you by phone or in person which we will contact you directly to arrange. Our department receives many more excellent applications than we have spaces available and so it is important that you take care reviewing your application and select supporting materials that best illustrate your academic achievement and future potential.

The number of spaces available for our program is 15 for the 2016-2017 academic year. Meeting the minimum requirements outlined above is not often sufficient to guarantee a space, and competition for spaces is very strong. Columbia University seeks to admit the very best candidates who apply for the courses that we offer.

Assessment Outcome

Our department will notify you, usually via e-mail, to let you know the final outcome of your application as per the admissions timetable.

Successful outcome

If you have been successful, our department will make you an offer and these sometimes have academic conditions attached. We will ask whether you wish to accept the offer we have made to you and we will give you a deadline for your response and a deadline by which you will need to fulfil any conditions of your offer.

Unsuccessful outcome

If your application is unsuccessful, you will also be notified. However, due to the high volume of applications our department receives, it is not possible to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Re-evaluation in a later deadline

In some cases, our department may feel that you have met the selection criteria for our program but we wish to evaluate your application against those received in the next deadline. In this instance, we will consider your application as part of the next deadline and you will receive a notification that your application will be re-evaluated.

Waiting list

If our department feels that you have performed well against the selection criteria for the program but there are no more spaces available, we may place you on a waiting list. You will be notified should any additional spaces arise.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

As an institution, Columbia University is committed to the principles of equity and excellence. It actively pursues both, adhering to the belief that equity is the partner of excellence. Columbia University’s goal is a workforce and student body that reflects the diversity and talent of New York City, the larger metropolitan area, and the nation. In furtherance of this goal, Columbia has implemented policies and programs which seek to ensure that its employment and educational decisions are based on individual merit and not on bias or stereotypes.