BA/MA Program

The Committee on Global Thought accepts applications for its new BA/MA program. Like other BA/MA options, it is available only to students who are current Columbia applicants in any of Columbia’s four undergraduate schools and who want to add an MA in Global Thought to their achievements at Columbia University.

The CGT’s degree is interdisciplinary, flexible, and dynamic, building on the core curriculum in global governance, global political economy, and global culture and politics. Students pursue electives in their fields of interest and undertake independent research working with CGT and other Columbia faculty.

What is a BA/MA?

About the program

Columbia University allows students interested in a further Master’s degree to begin studies towards that degree while still enrolled as undergraduates. Credits that you intend to apply toward the MA must be at 4000 level (or higher) and cannot be applied to earning your undergraduate degree. You can take as many as three courses (nine credits) as an undergraduate to apply to your MA, work that can save you money and time as a graduate student.

Who Should Apply?

GPA requirement

We expect applicants to apply with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher. We know how hard Columbia University undergraduates can work, so will also partner with admitted applicants to provide advising that identifies courses that fit with goals for the Global Thought degree.

Why the Global Thought BA/MA?

Student profile

An MA is a great transitional tool. Our program sets students up for a range of futures. We make the promise of the Global Core curriculum real by developing students’ knowledge of what global means as it, and the world being ever-more-quickly changed by it, continues to develop. Our students have gone on to work in the global corporate and finance worlds, the universe of global goods, NGO and non-profits working on issues that not only cross borders, but can also be formed by the impacts of borders, and also government and academics. We also think we offer a great set of tools for further raising your critical-thinking game on highly current material.

What Goes Into an Application?

Application requirements

  • Students should follow this link and complete the suitable GSAS application form. In addition to the form you need to submit transcripts of undergraduate work, a CV, a writing sample of ten pages, three letters of recommendation from persons with a direct knowledge of your academic background and abilities.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate competence in a language other than English – you can present studies as an undergraduate to meet the program requirement for intermediate competence.
  • Scores on a GRE exam.
  • A statement of academic purpose that reflects on your goals in enrolling in the Global Thought degree and also discusses how the BA/MA study period will complement their undergraduate major.

When Can I Apply?

Application deadline

We will consider applicants in their Junior year in any major who apply by March 15, 2018.