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How long will it take me to complete the MA in Global Thought?

The MA is designed to be completed in a single year, and students are expected to write their MA thesis during that time. To support producing a piece of original research for the thesis on this schedule, students enroll in a two-semester MA thesis seminars, which constitute 20% of the course load for the degree. Individual needs can be taken into account to accommodate the schedules of non-traditional students.

What are the thesis requirements for the MA?

Students submit a research essay of the length and quality of an article in a scholarly journal (30-35 pages, based on original research) by mid-April of their Spring semester. Students work with faculty in designing and pursuing their topics.

Can I transfer credits and classes to fulfill the requirements for the MA in Global Thought?

The program is composed of core courses and electives. All students must complete the core courses and thesis seminars. Columbia’s transfer credit policy permits only qualifying units earned at Columbia may be applied to MA programs administered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). If you have such units, a maximum of six may be transferred from a non-degree Columbia program to the MA in Global Thought.

What types of careers can I pursue with an MA in Global Thought?

Students will acquire a strong background in the political, economic, and cultural processes that shape the contemporary world and will be prepared to contribute to a range of fields at the conclusion of their studies. They pursue careers in development, nongovernmental organizations, education, research, government, public policy, and the private sector. This program also prepare students for further study in professional schools and PhD programs.