MA Graduate – Class of 2016

Having lived in several countries, globalization has been a continuous topic of interest for me. With childhood stints in Australia, New York, and Tokyo, culture and international relations has been an inexorable part of my life. As an undergraduate at New York University, I lived abroad in Florence, Italy and Berlin, Germany. At Florence, I was enamored by the beautiful work of prominent figures in the Renaissance Era. In Berlin the powerful resilience, resurrection and recovery of that city moved me to reflect on how Japan also recovered from the horrific impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My continuing curiosity about the world led me to consider graduate studies, a desire catalyzed by study of comparative literature, especially focusing on critical theory and political philosophy. Along with these interests, undergraduate studies in post-modernism and globalization drove my work at Columbia and framed my master’s degree in Global Thought. Perhaps my most memorable opportunity during the Global Thought MA was the chance to study with UN SDG, special-advisor to Ban Ki-Moon, and director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Professor Jeffrey Sachs. My current topics of interest include globalization and sustainable development.

Research Interests

Ethics, Sustainability, Modernism and Post-Modernism, Political Theory, and Critical Social Theory, Global Commons, Global Cooperation, and Social Psychology.

MA Thesis

“The Ethics of Global Commodified Spaces: A Global Study on Extractive Industries”


  • BA, The Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University, May 2009
  • MA, Columbia University, Global Thought, May 2016