Wong, Alicia profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

Born in Singapore, having majored in Geography as an undergraduate in London, and currently attending an international summer program in Beijing. I have always been deeply fascinated by the interconnections between places, as well as the spatial extension of relationships, cultures and identities across political boundaries. Following my Masters, I will be working for the Singapore civil service. My first posting will be to the Ministry of Education where I hope to apply what I have gained from this program to foster a generation of open-minded, global citizens who are able to seize the opportunities afforded by globalization while constructively criticizing and devising solutions to solve its challenges. On my part, I hope to contribute back to the program through my interest in working with youths and migrants, and fostering greater environmental conservation efforts. Hiking in the US national parks of USA is something I am looking forward to, but I am just as excited about the opportunities to just wander about the streets, parks and squares of New York City and explore its eclectic mix.

Research Interests

As a migrant myself, immigration issues are of great personal and academic interests. In the coming nine months, I hence hope to gain deeper knowledge of the intersection between migration, development, urbanization and public policies. Low-skilled labor migration is a particular aspect of migration I hope to delve deeper into. Some areas I hope to explore are 1) how the international flows of low-skilled labor such as domestic workers are implicated in socio-cultural changes at various levels, including the transformation of roles, identities and arrangements in the private domestic home-sphere, and 2) how public policies shape, and are sometimes reshaped, by the experiences, actions, and interactions between these ‘foreigners’ and ‘locals’.


  • B.A., Geography, University College London, 2013-2016