Cabral, Alix profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, and from my high school French exchange onward I thrived in immersive study and travel experiences. While an undergraduate at Colorado College, I studied abroad for two semesters cumulatively throughout South America and West Africa. Learning to write and speak in other languages offered a fresh window into the culture and history of each country I visited. After graduating in May of 2011 with a BA in Political Science concentrating in French, I chose jobs focused intensively on writing in public relations, digital advertising, and journalism, often in an international setting, and most recently as a content editor for Yahoo in Silicon Valley. Outside of work, I traveled whenever possible, explored the West Coast through hiking and camping, and joined local San Francisco music groups. After five years in the Bay Area, my desire for more global experiences and perspectives draws me to Columbia’s MA in Global Thought and to New York City.

Research Interests

Through the MA in Global Thought program, I want to explore the impact of globalization at the intersection of my interests in cultural diversity and gender parity. My travel experiences illuminated the complicated issues surrounding identity conflict and gave me a glimpse of the power of political activism. Throughout the next year, I plan to research the common and widespread legislative issues plaguing countries around the world and find a writing intensive career that will support efforts to empower vulnerable populations. This program will allow me to examine the pivotal role that humanitarian organizations play in service to marginalized groups in developing countries, while fostering my love of language and learning along the way.


  • B.A., Political Science, Colorado College, 2008-2011