Lin, Chris profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

Having just finished my Bachelor of Laws in the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, I decided to not immediately pursue a legal career, unlike most fellow graduates. In New York, I delved into a subject that is certainly far from, but not completely unrelated from law. Three years of small town living in Reading has taught me much, from studying without distraction, to living the authentic British experience. Returning to my urban roots, in an environment similar to my hometown of Hong Kong, I brought together everything that I’ve learnt so far in this degree. Outside of academics, it’s likely that you’ll see me in a bar listening to good vinyl, or a dance studio trying not to break a limb. But above all, I’m always up for a good beer and a conversation.

After Columbia, I am the Cheng Yu-Tung Graduate Scholar at the Tsinghua University School of Law in Beijing (China) for the 2017- 2018 academic year. With support from select faculty members from the CGT and the Weatherhead Institute, I will also be refining my MA thesis further for future publication.

Research Interests

My MA thesis: Hong Kong’s Global Networks: The Mainlandization-Localism conflict and futures under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy explores the looming threats to Hong Kong’s global networks, developed since the British colonial era. Through the rise of China and the rise of Localism, the city is now in a socio-political crisis which will affect her reputation worldwide as a globalized metropolis. I focus on the Mainlandization-Localism conflict, and the transformation of the signature “One Country, Two System” policy to identify and analyze (i) what futures the pro- and anti-Beijing factions vision for Hong Kong’s global networks, and (ii) what first moves can be made to both protect the future of the globalization phenomenon in Hong Kong, and maintain harmonious Hong Kong- China relations.


  • LL.B., Law, University of Reading, 2013-2016