MA Graduate – Class of 2016

My practical experiences have centered around urban mobility and social justice issues, including two Rhode Island political campaigns, three years working with migrant worker and refugee communities in Tel Aviv, a political participation start-up, and an internship with New York City’s Housing Preservation & Development. I have also spent countless hours memorizing Chinese characters and discovering the intricacies of ballroom dancing, one of which has been extremely therapeutic. Since receiving my MA in Global Thought, I have continued investigating urban inequalities through sociology doctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Doron Shiffer-Sebba

My research interests are also at the intersection of mobility, ownership, and displacement in urban contexts. My undergraduate work used map theory to analyze the influences of the route of the Israel/ West Bank barrier and the reality it has created. Through the MA in Global Thought I investigated alternative forms of land ownership in global cities. Specifically, I studied a new movement in New York City that is trying to create sustainable, inclusionary housing alternatives through community ownership. My overarching aspiration is to combine research designed towards social impact with action informed by research.

MA Thesis

“From Ideals to Numbers and Back Again: Community Land Trusts and Trade-Offs of Affordability and Permanency in the Global City”


  • BA, Political Science/East Asian Studies, Brown University, Sep. 2010-May 2014
  • MA, Global Thought, Columbia University, Sep. 2015 – May 2016