MA Graduate – Class of 2016

Gayatri KawlraGrowing up in India, I studied at a school run by the Krishnamurti Foundation in Chennai. My time here was especially relevant in developing my perspective and inculcating my interests in issues of environment and development. Our learning canvas extended beyond the classroom and textbooks, we would often spend our term vacations travelling to various afflicted states in the country, observing the socio-economic conditions of marginalized groups and the environmental turmoil being faced on the ground. After high school, I moved to England and chose to study Economics and Politics. This was a truly expansionary experience for me. Not only did it allow me to immerse myself in a culture entirely different from my own, but it enabled me to extend my thinking scape beyond the limits of a singular geographic boundary. On completing university, I chose to take an academic hiatus in order to explore diverse work environments in the fields of – impact investing in London; organic farming in Pondicherry; a corporate law office in Bangalore; and an international NGO working in Chennai, India. I also took some time to travel around Asia, exploring diverse cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

Research Interests

At the moment, my research interests are in the fields of environmental sustainability and global political thought. My potential thesis topic is: the economic and political viability of mainstreaming environmentally sustainable lifestyles in today’s globalizing world.

After completing my Masters in Global Thought, I would like to work in the states for a few years, gaining some experience in the field of international development and policy related work. Working for philanthropic organizations, policy institutions and other international organizations would be my immediate career aspirations. Eventually though, I am quite interested in the prospect of an entrepreneurial venture in India, in the field of sustainability and environment.

MA Thesis

“Between Possible and Impossible Futures: Enacting Utopia in South India”


  • BA, Economics and Politics University of York, UK, 2010 -2013