Wong, Jean profile pic MA Graduate – Class of 2017

I come from the sunny city-state of Singapore and obtained my undergraduate degree in Economics and Geography at UCL in London. Having been exposed to both disciplines during my undergraduate experience has been pivotal in influencing my interests in inter-disciplinary perspectives to any global issue. I have also previously interned with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and will be returning to the organisation to work after my graduate studies. In my time at Columbia, I hope to build up a critical ability to analyse issues with a global perspective, a skill that will certainly be important in the inherently international maritime industry. I also greatly look forward to meeting, interacting and exchanging different ideas and perspectives with fellow CGT-ers and faculty members!

Research Interests

My primary interest lies with the practices and phemonena associated with neoliberalism, including but not limited to privatization and deregulation, free trade, as well as financialization and financial crises. In particular, I am interested in the hegemonic quality of neoliberal ideology, and the role of these neoliberal processes in perpetuating or worsening socio-economic inequality (both intra- and inter-country). On the other hand, I am also interested in post-structuralist approaches towards neoliberalism, particularly in the apparatuses of neoliberalism, how neoliberalism logic and rationality slips into the often unnoticed prosaic practices in our everyday lives, as well as how neoliberal reason endeavour to create governable subjects and spaces.


  • B.S., Economics and Geography, University College London, 2013-2016