Ang, Jeremy profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

Born and raised in Singapore, I spent my pre-university years in the wonderful island-state before moving to London in 2013 to study at the London School of Economics, majoring in politics and government. Immersed in a highly international environment, I developed a keen interest in international and current affairs during my time at LSE. As a member of the United Nations Society, I participated in, and organized various Model United Nations conferences. I was also actively involved in the school’s new ASEAN society to promote awareness of Southeast Asian issues. Beyond academics, I am interested in traveling, good food, and beer, and very often, a combination of the three.

Research Interests

Benefiting from LSE’s expertise in nationalism studies, I became interested in issues related to nationalism during my undergraduate years. My undergraduate dissertation explored the academic debate between globalization and nationalism, by looking at the effects of globalization on nation-building in Singapore. While I have not decided on the exact topic of my M.A. thesis, I intend to continue my research in globalization, by exploring deeper the effects of globalization and regionalization on states. This is motivated by the trends and events I observe in the United Kingdom, Singapore, as well as the United States. Considering current events, I believe that this area of research will be rather relevant.

I spent the last summer as an intern in a Singapore government ministry, where I hope to work at after completing this M.A. program.


  • B.S., Government, London School of Economics, 2013-2016