MA Graduate – Class of 2016

Kirsten CraigGrowing up in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I am an ardent lover of country music and anything fried, especially Oreos. My activities culminate around being outdoors, jumping into any anything in the sunshine whether that is seining in the Hudson River, going for runs around New York, or simply reading in the park. With environmentalism at the forefront of my interests, I have spent the last few years involved in science education and hope to continue spreading the word about the importance of nature and its relationship with the global energy sphere.

Research Interests

Some of my general research interests include global energy structures, environmentalism, sustainable practice, and the way that media interfaces between these different areas. I would like my thesis to be focused on environmentalism, specifically looking at the ways that our everyday habits, which are enforced by education, narratives, culture, and socio-economics, have the ability to influence global energy structures/patterns in a bottom-up manner. Ultimately, I would like to develop a research paper tracing this trajectory (or if not found, how one could be created), leaving me with steps on how upon completing the program I can help shape such mass action.

After having completed the MA in Global Thought, my goals at this time include continuing in doctoral work related to place-based science education. Career-wise, I am interested in continuing in policy fields related to the promotion of such education, as well as the implementation of sustainable practice in areas of industry, government, and education.

MA Thesis

“Connecting through Place-Based Education: Inspiring Students Towards Greater Consciousness”


  • BA, Media & Environmental Politics, Sarah Lawrence College, 2011-2015