Goldmann-Franco, Leslie profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

After working thirty years in the global fashion business, I decided to pivot and turn my attention elsewhere. Before retiring, I had the privilege of conducting business and engaging with people from different cultures and political structures. I was immersed in a global business environment that encapsulated many of the critical issues of our time. During my career, I regularly faced the implications of a rapidly changing workforce, gender and income inequality, threats to human rights, climate change, shifting trade agreements and monetary policy. Yet the crash of 2008 and more recent political, economic and environmental events have challenged me to rethink how global systems should work to benefit society. I am returning to academia and the CGT in particular to get a better understanding of these changes in global systems.

Research Interests

In general, my initial area of research interest is in the field of global migration. How are increasingly powerful waves of global migration changing our views on race, religion, culture and the environment? Whether it is a result of conflict or climate change, how will this shifting human geography transform global culture? More specifically, how will it transform identity? Ethnic, racial and cultural identities will necessarily change as increasingly diverse populations mix. I am also interested in global ocean preservation and efforts to establish Marine Protected Areas globally. While on the surface the two topics seem unrelated, they both illustrate the need for transnational cooperation and mechanisms of global governance to solve 21st century problems.


  • B.S., Retail Business, Syracuse University