MA Graduate – Class of 2017mancini-udoji-profile-pic

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and traveling around the world has enabled me better understand the effects of globalization. In 2014 I graduated from Wake Forest University as a Business and Enterprise Management Major with a concentration in International Business and a double minor in Global Trade & Commerce Studies and Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise and have recently completed my second year as a Global High Yield Analyst at Babson Capital. My time at Babson provided me with valuable experience analyzing and investing in companies operating in diverse and volatile industries. I have also gained international exposure through my work experiences with Mirvac Group in Sydney, Australia and with Citibank in Lagos, Nigeria. Through my personal travels and professional experiences, I believe that in order to better handle the effects of globalization it has become necessary for companies and institutions to seek out individuals who are capable of navigating the global landscape when evaluating policy and investment decisions. I aspire to fill the need for individuals who can apply these global implications to every aspect of their analysis and decision-making.

Research Interests

Through the Global Thought program my research will focus on the impact and role that the global capital market plays in the development and economic advancement of emerging countries, specifically in Africa. My initial research will also seek to analyze the global issues and policies that are affecting the investment climate and economic progress of developing countries.


  • B.S., Business and Enterprise Management, Wake Forest University, 2010-2014