MA Graduate – Class of 2016

I am originally from upstate New York, and have been living in Brooklyn for the past year-ish. I graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2011, after which I volunteered with a non profit that sent toys and clothing to economically disadvantaged children in the US and worldwide. In 2012, I moved to Peru in order to teach English, and did so for a few months before getting a more stable position in Thailand where I taught pre-school and college level English, for a year. After this I traveled around SE Asia before returning to the states. I lived in New Orleans for about six months where I volunteered with Hope House, an organization linked to The Catholic Worker that provided meals for members of the New Orleans community. Last year, I moved back to New York.

Research Interests

My past research interests have centered on narrative and visual culture. I am coming to the program from a rhetoric and media studies background. Recently however, I have become more interested in ideas around gender and identity. I do not have a particular project in mind for my thesis but I hope to be able to better synthesize my research interests through the program.

I hope to use my time in the program to gain a more cohesive understanding of research interests to pursue in a Ph.D. program or some other project that combines my interests.

MA Thesis

“Bushwick, Brooklyn: Expanding Narratives of Gentrification in the Global City”


  • BA, Communication (Rhetoric/Media Studies), Lewis and Clark College, 2007-2011