Jones, Nicolette profile pic MA Graduate – Class of 2017

As an undergraduate at Cornell University, I majored in Science and Technology Studies, an interdisciplinary field that allowed me to explore the social and cultural implications of scientific and technological innovation. I became particularly interested in environmental policy and society, leading me to study global climate change at the University of Exeter. My academic interest also lies in Near Eastern studies. After travelling to Egypt in the immediate aftermath of the Arab Spring, I decided to study Arabic in order to engage with this globally important and evolving region. I also volunteered with Cornell Hunger Relief, which provided food for local communities, and worked as an editor and contributing writer for Cornell’s fashion magazine. Since graduating, I have done research and marketing for a global manufacturing company. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy writing and travelling as much as possible.

Research Interests

While at Columbia, I am looking forward to gaining a more comprehensive understanding of global governance, global environmental policy, and the effects of globalization in the Middle East in particular. I am especially interested in exploring the intersection of Middle Eastern society, politics, and technology in a global context. For my thesis, I intend to examine the role of social media in the Arab Spring and its potential for positive political and social change in other contexts.

The global economic, political, and cultural perspectives I gain from Columbia will be immensely helpful with my future professional pursuits. Upon graduation I hope to pursue a career in journalism and advocacy with a focus on current conflicts in the Middle East.


  • B.A., Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University, 2011-2015