Erlick, Nikki profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

I am excited to begin the MA in Global Thought after earning my BA from Harvard University, where I majored in Comparative Literature and minored in Government. A lover of language, I have studied French, Spanish, and Mandarin. My undergraduate studies culminated in an original translation and critical analysis of French investigative journalist Albert Londres’ 1923 exposé on France’s penal colonies in South America which catalyzed the nation’s penal reform movement of the twentieth century. As a translator, I worked at the border between two languages and cultures, between history and the present day, and I am eager to expand my international perspective at Columbia. I am also a writer with previous experience in journalism and media, including New York Magazine, Hearst Magazines, The Harvard Crimson, and The Huffington Post.

Research Interests

My preliminary research interests include the role of the media as a key player in the world’s political and cultural landscape, the intersections of media and gender, the communication strategies of nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations, and the impact of globalization on language and literature, but I am excited to see where the Global Thought program leads me. I look forward to graduating with a greater understanding of the global forces shaping contemporary culture in order to research, write, and share stories from a more informed and impactful perspective.


  • B.A., Comparative Literature, Harvard University, 2012-2016