MA Graduate – Class of 2016

Qianwen XuI have interned at Bank of China (banking assistant), Shanghai International Film Festival (translator), and Dragon Television (public relations specialist) and have volunteered for arts festivals and exhibitions in both Shanghai and Birmingham, and for the Red Cross at Fudan University Hospital. As a foreign language lover, I can understand Japanese and French besides English and my mother tongue, Mandarin Chinese. I am also very fond of music, theatre and sports.

Research Interests

My research interests include international institutions and global governance, global business, and the future global order (with particular emphasis on the roles of US and China). My potential thesis topic will be surrounding the changing balance of power and order in the new era of global governance.

After having completed my MA degree in Global Thought, I plan to work as a researcher in international organizations or business sectors. And I will continue studying foreign languages and developing my interest in arts and culture in my free time.

MA Thesis

“Narrowing the Financing Gap for SMEs in Developing Countries: Multilateral Development Bank Assistance and Venture Capital Investment”


  • BA, English Language & Literature, Fudan University, Sep. 2011-July 2015