McLintock, Sean profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

I come from a small coastal town in South Africa but spent my formative years growing up on a nature reserve deep in the heart of the South African bush. This upbringing has given me a deep reverence for nature and the African condition, inspiring me to pursue a career furthering these interests. With this in mind, I chose to study an undergraduate in Political Science and a postgraduate in Law at Stellenbosch University. During my final year of law school I embarked on an exchange program at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. This experience further ignited my desire to understand how global issues affect regional entities, which initially began with trying to understand the complexities of the illicit global rhino horn trade that is currently decimating Africa’s rhino population. Accepting the complexity and interconnection of these issues enlightened me to the importance of interdisciplinary studies in understanding modern global problems.

Research Interests

My initial area of research interest lies in the economic forces that brought my European forefathers to South Africa. These forces have shaped an incredible diversity of cultures and ideologies that fascinate me. The economic and political effects of those early forces of globalization have had long reaching consequences in shaping the disparate worlds of modern South Africa. Addressing the resulting problems of this historical legacy presents a great challenge of governance in todays increasingly interconnected world. My potential thesis would wish to explore these challenges with an aim to draw parallels in the global arena, facilitating a better understanding of their impact in our changing contemporary setting.


  • LL.B., Law, Stellenbosch University, 2011-2015