Kim, So Jeong profile picMA Graduate – Class of 2017

I grew up in seven cities in five countries; Uruguay, China, Korea, Singapore and Canada, and all these years, I have witnessed the biggest collective coming together of humanity that we call ‘globalization’ today. In this constantly changing world, I find the social/cultural gap issues that arise from the modern societies to be most appealing. Regardless of the nation’s status, developing, developed or underdeveloped, social gaps as the result of polarization or tradition thicken. As a global citizen, my ultimate goal is to contribute to the global community by instituting and participating in social sector research projects and working with non-governmental organizations to find solutions for such issues. I chose a Columbia MA as the starting point of my academic journey.

Research Interests

My research interest lies in urbanization and its implications on the society. I believe that urbanization often demonstrates both strengths and weaknesses of humanity—man’s intellectual capabilities and cruel reality of mankind. Cities facilitate a smarter society but also widen the gap between social and economic conflicts between different racial groups or classes of people. I am passionate about understanding the diversity and paradox of this urbanity, such as how and why inequality is encouraged in many parts of the urban societies and why people build fear and disregard for others. With time I hope to gain the ability to produce new thinking for complex social problems and contribute to community development.


  • B.S., Psychology and East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, 2004-2008