MA Graduate – Class of 2016

Violeta Argudo-PortalI am a Spanish anthropologist and Fulbright fellowship recipient. My background in social anthropology has provided me a way of researching and observing whatever surrounds me. I have developed ethnographic work around two topics: economic relations in migratory contexts and medical anthropology. The last two years of my degree were focused on field-work in a hospital as part of my final thesis: studying epidural anesthesia in Catalonian Hospitals (through women’s narratives) in order to understand current debates around medicalization. I have been involved in several summer work-camps in order to engage  ethnographic experiences in Italy (2010) and Cuba (2011). Outside of academia, I am involved in sports, eating Mediterranean cuisine, and contemporary dance.

Research Interests

I am principally interested in studying inequalities from different approaches and working with the scale local/global. My interests range from globalization and cultural change to technology and society to the anthropology of science, as well as economic sociology and critical medical anthropology.

A potential thesis topic would focus on analyzing technology and technocracy as a tension between people and technological devices. A binomial exacerbated by globalization but linked to ways of thinking (i.e. Global Thought). Moreover, it would focus on innovations in biotechnology; generating knowledge and contextualizing a phenomenon—technocracy—and how it affects social relations.

I hope to “develop research into action”, preferably in public institutions or organizations. As for my academic interests, the possibility of teaching or to pursue a PhD depends on future opportunities. I aspire to create legitimate and rigorous spaces for social analyses.

MA Thesis

“Screen-Data-Bodies: Biobanks as Global Exchange Nodes, the Governance Challenge of Scaling Up Research Infrastructures”


  • BA, Social Anthropology, University of Barcelona, Sep. 2010-June 2014
  • Diploma, Human Rights & Culture, University of Barcelona, Nov. 2014-Jan. 2015