M.A. Candidate – Class of 2018

I would like to pride myself on being quite global, however I do not believe I am there yet. I have travelled to a few countries; however, I have only been a resident in two, spending my early years in Nigeria and then moving to the UK. I have lived in London and spent my undergraduate years in Birmingham. Armed with first-hand experience in a developing country, I can see the negative effects of corruption, and a lack of a maintenance culture, policy enforcement and infrastructure. I am interested in policy making and the role of microeconomics in dealing with economic development on a large scale.   I am an active member of the African development forum, organising various meetings where we created a platform to discuss what we believe is holding the continent from moving forward and how those issues can be addressed.  After completing my studies I hope to develop a career as a development consultant.

Research Interests

I have a keen interest in economic development, particularly when looking at developing and less developed nations. My final year extended essay focused on the ease of access of credit to firms and businesses in the ECOWAS region.  This paper required collating data and research and the skills gained I believe will be useful when writing my M.A. thesis.  I am excited to delve further into globalization and development and am interested in the effectiveness institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank have in aiding development.


  • Bsc, Mathematical Economics and Statistics, University of Birmingham, UK, 2017