M.A. Candidate – Class of 2018

I spent most of my early life in Singapore, eventually heading to London to pursue an undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature at King’s College London. Following the completion of my postgraduate studies, I will return to Singapore to work in its civil service.  Coming from a still-conservative society, I’ve faced a startling amount of skepticism regarding the relevance of literature to governance.  It has been my long-term interest personally and professionally to find ways to relate these two seemingly disparate areas: the critical analysis of literature and the social, political, and economic aspects of governance.

Research Interests

My preliminary research interests stem closely from my background in literature, in particular the ways narratives of politics, place, and identity are constructed and wielded. In the course of my undergraduate studies I’ve examined how historically, literature, politics, and place have always been closely intertwined, from the court poetry of early modern England, to the postcolonial Irish Literary Revival, to the competing narratives of the modern day Arab-Israeli conflict. I’m interested to transition the orientation of my academic study from the historical to the present and future. The increasing globalization of the world demands new kinds of intertextuality and intersection in the palimpsest of the global narrative, and national and local narratives must keep up; I’m interested in these intersections, as well as how nations are and will continue to sustain and utilize these narratives rather than be subverted by them.


  • BA, English Language and Literature, Kings College, London, 2017