M.A. Candidate – Class of 2018

I have seen my own country, India, benefit and prosper from the positive effects of globalization over the past two decades. Born and brought up in New Delhi, and studying in an international school, I developed a keen interest in economics and international affairs. My undergraduate years at Babson College helped me further explore my interests and see things from a developed world perspective. Subsequently, my work at The Heritage School, Conservatory Lab Charter School, and Ernst & Young helped shape my thoughts towards using my education and experience to make a difference in the field of education as an “edupreneur”. Education remains one of the biggest challenges for my country and a tremendous opportunity for social entrepreneurship. I wish to research the role of global private and government organizations that could help shape the future of education in India at the required scale.

Research Interests

My education and experiences have helped me see the undeniable merits of ‘doing’ as a complement to ‘memorizing’ and have led me to think about revolutionizing the education space. Education in India disenfranchises many students due to a traditional concentration on rote learning rather than imbuing practical skills.  The advent of the fourth industrial revolution requires schools to prepare their students differently and make them future-ready by shifting focus to project-based learning and skill development. I would like to explore how we can bring about this change by making people more aware of the experiential learning model and how we can incorporate technology in the education industry to make it more relevant for the future. More importantly, I will research how experiential learning can be made more affordable and accessible to the bottom end of the pyramid to make an impact at the national level.


  • BS, Economics, Babson College, 2016