Global Governance

Global Governance explores the challenges of thinking about and effectuating governance in a global era. Globalization raises classical governance issues, namely who exercises the authority to govern or manage others, how this authority is legitimized, and how the governance can be implemented and made accountable. However, globalization also poses new challenges for thinking about the concept of governance, as global issues have no single or natural locus of governance. The international legal order with the UN at its center is one of many global governance regimes. It coexists, sometimes competes with, and at others, complements local and regional, state and non-state, participatory and special interest regimes.

Global issues have no single or natural locus of governance.

Specific issues within this courseĀ area might include the international legal order and its relation to national, local, state, non-state, participatory, special interest and other legal regimes; global public goods; multi-stakeholder governance; public vs. private global governance; and the mechanisms of global governance.