UCGT Events

Past events have brought together undergraduate students and faculty in the form of open conversations about the global issues as well as partnered events with New York City institutions. Moreover, UCGT events provide a forum for students to have a dialogue with the faculty and administrators who are shaping Columbia’s global role. With the UCGT, students have the opportunity to create dialogue around the global issues that affect their world, from the Arab Spring, to the shift toward international education.

Columbia Global Forums

The Columbia Global Forums are town-hall discussions with the Columbia University administration and faculty on how to better integrate the undergraduate student body into conversations regarding issues around our “global” education, from changes to our undergraduate curriculum to additional study abroad programs.

Global Thought Labs

Global Thought Labs are student-led discussions with our peer groups on pertinent global issues. These events are a chance for the UCGT to connect with the numerous other global groups across the Columbia undergraduate community and to bring together ideas to create a global learning environment.

Talks with Professors

The Talks with Professors series allows students to engage in casual and meaningful conversations with distinguished scholars in a laid-back, informal setting.

World Leaders Forum Workshops

World Leaders Forum (WLF) Workshops allow Columbia University undergraduates to discuss global issues with the scholars and thinkers involved in the decision-making. At these workshops, undergraduates take part in conversations with Columbia University faculty members in preparation for the diverse lecture topics discussed by World Leaders Forum speakers.