UCGT Membership

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The Undergraduate Committee is open to undergraduate students from any of Columbia’s schools. UCGT Members plan the Undergraduate Committee’s public events, decide what faculty undergraduates would most benefit from talking with, and what issues are most important to them. In the past, UCGT Members have worked closely with CGT Faculty, interned at CGT and attended private events. UCGT Members are expected to participate in planning meetings a few times a semester.

UCGT Members 2016-2017

  • Joseph D. Lap, Co-chair, CC 2018
  • Konstantina (Connie) Yaneva, Co-chair, GS 2018
  • Manjul Pahwa, SEAS 2018
  • Ken Aizawa, CC 2018
  • Rebecca Assouline-Bera, GS 2017
  • Guillermo Carranza, CC 2018
  • Allegra de Lorenzo, BC 2019
  • Elizabeth Einstein, CC 2018
  • Diego Filiu, GS 2017
  • Paulina Graham, CC 2019
  • Juan Jose Guzman, CC 2019
  • Sara Heiny, BC 2017
  • George Jiang, CC 2019
  • Heejo Kang, CC
  • Marwan Kawadri, GS 2017
  • Daphne Lebas, GS 2016 
  • Fenco Lin, BC 2016
  • Tomas Luksic, CC 2018
  • Emanuel Marcano, CC 2019
  • Emily Man, CC 2017
  • Ojaswee Rajbhandary, CC 2019
  • Sophia Rhee, GS 2017
  • Srishti Sinha, CC 2018
  • Katherine Surko, BC 2018
  • Julius Tan, GS 2019
  • Pamela van den Enden, GS 2018
  • John Yang, CC 2017 

UCGT Advisors

  • Vishakha N. Desai, Special Advisor for Global Affairs to the President and Special Research Scholar, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, CGT Member
  • Carol Gluck, George Sansom Professor of History and Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, CGT Chair