Carol Gluck

George Sansom Professor of History and

Manan Ahmed

Associate Professor of History

Akeel Bilgrami

Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy

Akeel Bilgrami, The Committee on Global Thought

Partha Chatterjee

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and of Middle Eastern,

Partha Chatterjee, Committee on Global Thought

John Coatsworth

John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University

John Coatsworth, Committee on Global Thought

Mamadou Diouf

Leitner Family Professor of African Studies and Chair of the

Mamadou Diouf, Committee on Global Thought

Yasmine Ergas

Lecturer in the Discipline of International and Public

Nikhar Gaikwad

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Qin Gao

Professor of Social Policy and Social Work

Mark Hansen

David and Helen Gurley Brown Professor of Journalism and

Brian Larkin

Professor of Anthropology, Barnard College

Sharon Marcus

Orlando Harriman Professor of English and Comparative

Reinhold Martin

Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Reinhold Martin, Committee on Global Thought

Mark Mazower

Ira D. Wallach Professor of World Order Studies

Mark Mazower, Committee on Global Thought

Michael Morris

Chavkin-Chang Professor of Leadership in the Faculty of

Benjamin Orlove

Professor of International and Public Affairs

David K. Park

Founding Member, Digital Storytelling Lab

Richard G. Parker

Professor Emeritus of Sociomedical Sciences and

Richard Parker, Committee on Global Thought

Katharina Pistor

Edwin B. Parker Professor of Comparative Law

Saskia Sassen

Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology

Saskia Sassen, Committee on Global Thought

Joseph Slaughter

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature

Adam Tooze

Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History

Andreas Wimmer

Lieber Professor of Sociology and Political Philosophy