Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Fellow, Committee on Global Thought

Tajbakhsh shadowKian Tajbakhsh is Professor of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He has taught at both American and Iranian universities. Tajbakhsh’s academic research spans both theoretical and policy projects related to the culture of urbanism as well as the governance of cities and metropolitan regions. He has conducted empirical research on decentralization, the role of social capital in local government performance, and local economic development in a number of countries.

He is the author of two books, The Promise of the City: Space, Identity and Politics in Contemporary Social Thought (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press 2001), and Social Capital: Trust, Democracy and Development (Tehran: Shiraze Publishers 2005, in Persian). He co-edited the book City Diplomacy: The role of local governments in conflict prevention, peace-building, post-conflict reconstruction (Arne Munsch, 2008 The Hague). Tajbakhsh has also published scholarly articles, as well as essays on cinema and culture in Iran and India.

Tajbakhsh is an international expert in the areas of local government reform, urban planning, civil society capacity building and international public policy research collaboration. He has also directed international projects in the areas of public health and social policy. Tajbakhsh’s policy-related research and consulting has examined decentralization and local government institutions in Iran and other developing societies with a focus on increasing the legitimacy of local political institutions and the effectiveness of local participation.

Courses Taught

  • “Globalization and The Problems of World Order” Graduate Course in Global Thought