Lecturer in History

Linda Tvrdy is an Instructor with the Committee on Global Thought. She co-teaches the Future(s) of the Global Economy and Society with David K. Park. Linda earned a law degree from the George Washington University and a Ph.D. in U.S. History from Columbia University. Her academic interests focus on the concepts of freedom and equality in the law, and law as economic and social infrastructure. She recently contributed an essay, “Haskins v Royster and the Liberty to Be Unfree: Reconstructing North Carolina Labor Law” to the edited collection, Reconsidering Southern Labor History: Race, Class, and Power, ed., Matthew Hild and Keri Leigh Merritt

Linda was a practicing litigation attorney for several years and is currently a legal/fin tech startup entrepreneur. Her nonprofit, DaisyDebt.org, uses technology to help low-income consumers access their rights under federal and state consumer regulations governing third-party debt buyers. She is an advocate for technology and open data to increase access to justice and to improve the processes of judicial administration.

Courses Taught

  • “The Future(s) of the Global Economy and Society” Graduate Course in Global Thought