Project Manager/Researcher, Committee on Global Thought

Darlene Dubuisson is a Project Manager/Researcher for the CGT Signature Research Project “Youth in a Changing World.” She is a Ph.D. Candidate in the joint Applied Anthropology program at Columbia University. Her research interests include transnationalism, migration, intellectualism, and the intergenerational transfer of knowledge. Her dissertation research is on the reintegration of academic/intellectual diaspora returnees to Haiti, as well as, the new generation of Haitian university students, artists, activists, and scholars, as they try to carve new intellectual spaces and engage in the global knowledge economy through transnational collaboration, media, and technology.

Darlene has earned a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Boston University, an M.A. in International Educational Development from Columbia University, Teachers College, and M.Phil. in Anthropology from Columbia University.