M.A. Graduate – Class of 2021

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently live in Ridgefield, Connecticut. While growing up, my family moved several times in the Northeast region of the US. I completed my undergraduate degree at Indiana University studying Law and Public Policy. This major was perfect for me as I was able to learn how law and public policy interact across diplomacy, social justice, and government affairs. I was also able to spend a few summers studying abroad in England and Australia. In my junior year, I took a semester away from college and traveled to Arusha, Tanzania. I volunteered at a Legal Aid and Human Rights Organization whose mission is to provide access to justice, foster good governance, and advocate gender responsive policies for women and children. Our approach focused on breaking down cultural barriers for women through education, legal assistance, and empowerment. A typical day included traveling to local villages where we would offer presentations on various human rights issues. This experience, along with other injustices I have studied and witnessed, inspired me to learn more about leading global humanitarian change. It is what led me to the Global Thought Program.

During my studies at Columbia, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of nation-building (or rebuilding) and how women’s inclusion could lead to a more just and prosperous society. I want to learn how to take the lessons learned by countries that have successfully emerged from their own humanitarian crises and apply them to those countries that are in the midst of conflict. How will the process of change affect not only the country it is taking place in, but also the world around it? When implementing new policies, how does one eliminate the cons, ensure that it is sustainable, and stop holding the hands of the people one is trying to empower? The Global Thought program will help me to answer these questions and challenge how I view global issues and their interconnectedness across the continents. I am eager to lead positive change in the future.