M.A. Graduate – Class of 2021

As a U.S. citizen who grew up in Hong Kong, studied in London, with a Cambodian father, Canadian mother and a Vietnamese surname “Duong”, mine is a hybrid identity. My international profile shapes my open-mindedness, and in moments of conflicting cultural realities, my humanities lens have taught me to “see the bigger picture”. I pursued Literature at King’s College, with a concentration in gender and poststructuralist theories.

I did several investment banking internships in Hong Kong, during which I assisted on a Belt-and-Road submarine cable project that aims to improve internet connectivity in emerging markets. It dawned on me that if financial investments can be used to promote political and national interests – why not social? This spurred my interest in impact investing. I also soon realized that one of challenges facing this burgeoning industry is the lack of shared fundamentals among investors to describe and quantify “impact”.

Hence I look to MA in Global Thought as an opportunity to take a deep dive in the workings of global financial capitalism. The interdisciplinary degree accommodates my broad interests in finance, global politics, international development, and sustainable economic growth, and my goal is to ultimately devise a standardized, evidence-based system to monetize, measure and manage “net impact”.