M.A. Student – Class of 2021

I grew up in a small town in New York but was fortunate enough to explore many parts of the world that piqued my curiosity while opening my eyes to various cultures and experiences. My upbringing and time at Cornell University as an undergraduate afforded me the opportunity to venture and study abroad in Australia, China, Spain, and England. Academically, I recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Communication and learned the fundamentals and skills to navigate and interact with the ever-changing world. I focused my degree on the strategies and workings of persuasion and social influence. I decided to expound on my passion for understanding human interconnectivity and the progression of cultures by pursuing a minor in Law and Society. While these opportunities provide an excellent foundation for public and global service, I desire to extend and broaden these experiences throughout the Global Thought program.

My journey thus far has allowed me to embrace people from all backgrounds, only adding to my appreciation for the world we live in and the people who inhabit it. During the M.A. in Global Thought, I seek to gain an understanding of the intercourse of thoughts and ideas from birth to progression into maturation. I want to explore the impact of culture and its effect on the development of large entities, whether in government, private sector, non-governmental organizations, or academia.