M.A. Graduate – Class of 2021

I had the golden opportunity to grow up in three different cultures. My childhood has forged my Persian and German heritage which was enriched by attending the European School of Varese, Italy. Interacting and debating with a wide range of different people has enhanced my critical thinking and encouraged me to learn more languages. I have travelled extensively, and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds has both intrigued and driven me to study the literature, history, and culture of those locations in depth. The fact that I have been raised in an era characterized by nations that are divided yet obliged to align along cultural lines, and the recent developments of how world order and peace have changed, encourage me to develop a deeper understanding of our zeitgeist.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at IE University, Madrid, which included a semester-long exchange in San Diego and a semester-long internship at the KPMG offices in Vienna. For my bachelor’s thesis I investigated how political instability affects entrepreneurial activity while focusing on the specific case of Italy. During my undergraduate studies, at the age of 19, I founded Pantera Bianca, an award-winning start-up. This equipped me with valuable business experiences and leadership skills, allowing me to pool talented people in pursuit of a single vision.

Much of my undergraduate work was focused on entrepreneurship, management, and understanding empirical theories to resolve global economic problems. I aim to develop my academic and theoretical perspective to comprehend the fast changes of our political and economic landscape. My courses will therefore mainly focus on political theory, international political economy, and global governance. I am excited to embrace the interdisciplinary nature of the M.A. in Global Thought course and I am confident that it will enable me to choose a specific subsequent PhD track. In the future I would like to continue my journey to profoundly understand the cycles of mankind. I stand with Cicero’s simple but profound motto “non nobis solum”, not for myself alone. I want to play my part and contribute to the general greater good of humanity.