M.A. Graduate – Class of 2021

I grew up in Spain. My experiences as a grantee in a two-month academic and adventure program through Colombia and Perú called “Ruta Quetzal” and as a volunteer in El Salvador led me to study Sociocultural Anthropology. During my studies, I spent a year at the University of Kent (UK) and two short stays as a grantee at the Tres de Febrero University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and USACH (Santiago de Chile, Chile). I graduated from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) achieving the highest score among all graduates from my school. After conducting an M.A. in Human-Centered Innovation at H2i Institute on a full scholarship, I was granted a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue an M.A. in International Affairs at The New School (New York). During this program, I conducted my own ethnographic research in Cuba on ecological footprint and circular economy and I wrote my M.A. thesis on degrowth.

Beyond my academic experience, I discovered my vocation to convey my passion for knowledge and I co-founded in 2017 an educative organization, with which we have traveled during three summers to India and Nepal with 10-20 students, conducting collaborative ethnographic research and organizing itinerant workshops in different topics.

This year I was granted a “La Caixa” full scholarship to pursue the M.A. in Global Thought at Columbia. This is the step I need to bring together my different backgrounds and expertise in Anthropology, Innovation, and International Affairs, with the intention to explore the tension between the economy and the environment from a global, interdisciplinary and systemic perspective, before committing to my next academic step, a Ph.D.

I am interested in the fields of economic anthropology, ecological economics, and political ecology. I am concerned with the tensions between our current economic system and the environment and I am particularly interested in systemic change theories such as degrowth. I am interested in concepts such as wellbeing and progress, how they have been historically framed, and how they should be reframed to live within planetary boundaries. Lastly, I am convinced of the need to connect academic works with the non-academic public, so I am interested in exploring different channels and formats of communicating beyond academic papers.