M.A. Graduate – Class of 2021

I’m a journalist with a passion for political economy and a background in business strategy. Having grown up in Denmark just outside the capital city, I first studied business and politics at Copenhagen Business School. For a long time, I thought I should work in management. But after a couple of years on this path, I realized my true interests lie in the world of international political economy. I love writing and gaining new knowledge, so I decided instead to work as a journalist. Since then I have written about global politics, economics and science for the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, a weekly publication like the New Yorker or the Economist – and I have loved it.

I’m inspired by the potential of good journalism to improve society. Forming people’s understanding of the world fascinates me. More than anything, I want to unfold the field of international political economy to the general public. I believe this perspective explains the forces shaping the world like perhaps no other in the way it combines knowledge of power, interests and ideas. I’m particularly interested in ideas about capitalism, money, and finance. Global Thought is to me the ideal education to get a strong grasp of this world.