M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

Born in South India and brought up in the United States, I am quite familiar with juxtaposed realms. As I grew up as an Indian-American, striking that ideal balance between the two seemingly disparate cultures was a challenge I underwent, and one I enjoyed. At the same time, appreciating the intrinsic beauty of global tradition was inculcated in me from a very young age. As such, I’m drawn towards languages; I speak Tamil at home, English outside, and learned Spanish, and Sanskrit in middle and high school. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Columbia in May 2018, and during my undergraduate studies, made it a point to examine the world through a globalized lens by participating in a variety of international outreach and development programs. Complementing my academics with internships at global firms, the Earth Institute, Supreme Court of India, and the Office of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has elevated my overall educational experience.

Research Interests

Over the past few years, my research interests have carried me across different countries to conduct fieldwork. During my junior year of college, I was involved in a large-scale project using Information-Communications-Technology (ICT) to revamp Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure. This past year, I studied citizenship rights of Tibetans-in-Exile in India, and wrote my undergraduate senior thesis tying said topic to sustainability. I look to turn my research interests to the Korean Peninsula this upcoming year, and hope to study the phenomena of North Korean defectors and re-defectors into and out of South Korea.