M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I was born and raised in Singapore before moving to London to pursue my undergraduate education in Human Geography at UCL. My undergraduate programme allowed me to satisfy my academic curiosity by exploring diverse disciplines before selecting a specialisation in Political Geography. At UCL, I researched the electoral and racial politics of Singapore by analysing its 2017 Presidential Elections as a geopolitical event. Outside of school, I enjoyed having the whole of Europe at my fingertips, travelling to diverse nations throughout the continent. I look forward to a fulfilling academic journey at Columbia University and the excitement of living in New York City. Upon completion of my postgraduate studies, I will return to Singapore to continue my service as a naval officer of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Research Interests

My preliminary research interests stem from an amalgamation of my personal, professional, and undergraduate experiences. I am motivated to deepen my understanding of the ever-changing security and strategic environment of East and Southeast Asia, given that this is the geopolitical arena in which Singapore primarily operates. I am intrigued by how political relationships are intricately tied to and bound by culture, history, and economic interdependence, and how these factors exert an influence on domestic and foreign policy decisions and trajectories.