M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

In the course of my sociology studies at Bielefeld University, Germany, I focused on International Relations, Law and Organizational Sociology. In my Bachelor’s thesis on the topic “China’s Engagement in Africa and Latin America,” I examined the political, economic and social dimensions of certain developing regions, as well as the role of the UN in the global order. My research projects range from quantitative analyses of political participation to qualitative analyses of the effects of migration on life course. One of my comprehensive studies illuminates the structures of modern political systems vis-à-vis ecological issues based on the case study: The different reactions of the Japanese and German governments towards the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima.

My passion to learn foreign languages and my experience working for a global Japanese corporation, where I advised in business negotiations in Europe and Asia, enhanced my understanding of different perspectives, cultures and ways to approach issues and thus contributed significantly to my studies.

Research Interests

During my Master’s degree, I want to explore the broader implications of cross-border economy and social policy issues, the global sphere of political institutions, and the sphere of global civil society, where NGOs and social movements are using the global public to achieve their goals. I want to investigate how NGOs can work together more closely and dovetail their activities efficiently – including cooperation with UN agencies – to realize their common objectives, and hence contribute to international law.

The interdisciplinary approach of the Global Thought M.A. program will help me gain a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary theoretical and practical dimensions of global politics, which is essential to provide adequate policy advice and sustainable solutions concerning development assistance and the promotion of social dialogue from the local to the global level.


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Currently pursuing Master of Arts in Sociology