M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

As a modern and independent woman from Saudi Arabia, I am most excited about engaging with people from all around the world in the heart of the world’s most diverse and dynamic city.

At Georgetown University, I earned my first master’s degree in policy management, which provided me with a nuanced understanding of how policies shape our lives. The M.A. in Global Thought will complement my policy background by helping me better understand these changes, so that I may drive positive social transformation in my career. I am excited to matriculate at Columbia as a recipient of the MiSK fellowship, a very competitive scholarship offered by the MiSK Foundation in Saudi Arabia to top performing students who strive for social change.

Professionally, I have had experience in different roles within corporate banking, top consulting companies, and think tanks. I have extensive knowledge in human capital management, organizational effectiveness and development, and policy research and analysis. Outside of class, I love traveling and exploring different cultures.

Research Interests

I have always been a curious scholar, continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone to expand my knowledge. I am interested in topics related to leadership, women’s rights and gender issues, youth empowerment, labor policy, security studies, and terrorism and global counterterrorism efforts. Through the M.A. in Global Thought, I aim to develop a deeper understanding of the cultural and economic factors that drive global change.


  • Master of Policy Management, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, United States (2017)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Linguistics, Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2013)