M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I was born in a large industrial Siberian city in Russia. I lived there and attended a public school until the age of twelve, at which point my parents gave me the opportunity to receive a quality education abroad. I began my studies at boarding school in Switzerland, where I studied until graduation. I am beyond grateful to my parents for the decision they made since I now realise how unique my high school experience was, and how well it prepared me to take on any challenge I face today.

Following high school, I went on to earn my B.A. from King’s College London. Naturally, I was drawn to the study of International Relations in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Despite being completely enthralled with studying International Relations in that setting, I made sure to remain in touch with my other passion – Russian domestic politics.

In order to stay in the loop, I worked on multiple regional campaigns during summer holidays. After graduating King’s I was offered a job at a Moscow-based political think tank that also offered political consultancy services.

Research Interests

During the Global Thought program I aim to explore two global trends. Firstly, as a young professional with an international outlook, I have been following the transformations the global labour market is currently undergoing. I want to explore these trends from a socio-economic perspective, and examine the political implications our generation will face. Secondly, my interest in the role of national identity in state decision making persists. I began exploring this phenomenon in my B.A. dissertation in regards to Russia, and would now like to conceptualise my findings in application to other countries.