M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I lived in Singapore for most of my life, before moving to the UK to pursue a law degree at the University of Oxford. The academic rigour I experienced there was immensely rewarding, and I thoroughly enjoyed my studies. More importantly, I enjoyed meeting and learning from my classmates from unique backgrounds, and particularly treasure the lasting friendships that I made there. During my three years in Europe, I had the opportunity to travel to various European countries and was fascinated by the diverse cultures and places I came across. I am excited to begin a new phase of my life in New York, and I look forward to exploring the US this next year. After this degree, I will return to Singapore to complete my military service and work in the Singaporean civil service.

Research Interests

My preliminary research interest lies in exploring how the rules-based international order, particularly the use of international law mechanisms like arbitration or litigation, can assist us in resolving inter-state resource conflicts. This is important given our rapidly-changing environment and increasing resource scarcity due to climate change. Such scarcity leads to resource conflicts that manifest themselves all over the world today; a notable example is the Spratly Islands dispute in the South China Sea. Coming from a legal background, I have been and still am intrigued by the pervasive nature of legal rules and norms, but particularly outside the context of the individual nation-state, given the unique nature of the international legal order as compared to domestic orders.