M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

Born in Brazil, I was raised on a farm in the country and moved to São Paulo at the age of fifteen. Three of my four grandparents were immigrants from different European countries and my experiences growing up included a great mix of different cultures. A few years after getting my bachelor’s in Marketing and Advertisement, the advertising firm for which I worked transferred me to London, where I lived for more than a decade. The places that I lived and worked, as well as my family background shaped my perspectives on the world, which I see as always inter-connected. Since my children were born a few years ago, I decided to divert the path of my professional career to something more interesting and meaningful to me.

Research Interests

I will bring my professional experiences in the practical market-driven world of advertising to academic conversations on social issues affecting the globalized world. After completing the M.A. in Global Thought, I plan to work for an NGO or the UN, contributing to efforts to create stronger communities, and address environmental and social injustices. While pursuing my masters, I would be very interested in studying the intersections of prejudice (racial, religious and gender based) with other social problems, such as poverty, birth ratios, armed conflict, forced migration, environmental degradation, and the political and economic forces that sustain such realities.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertisement, ESPM, São Paulo