M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

While I was born in a local Tanzanian hospital in Mwanza, I have had the privilege to experience an international upbringing, including 10 years in Tanzania, another 10 in the Netherlands, 1 year in Jordan, and 1 year in Palestine. Dutch was taught to me by my mother, Swahili by my father, Arabic during my inspiring years in the Middle East, and English at the various international schools I attended.

In addition to my multicultural upbringing, my experiences with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Jordan and the Netherlands Representative Office in Palestine have ensured my development of a deep understanding of the peoples and politics that color our world.

Research Interests

I completed a Liberal Arts degree in Global Challenges with a focus on World Politics and Gender Studies at Leiden University. My bachelor’s thesis shed light on women who are too often (un)consciously ignored within international politics. I explored the roles of Dutch diplomatic wives vis-à-vis international diplomacy, demonstrating that understanding the roles of diplomatic wives is essential to parsing out the complexities of international political engagement. Ultimately, by listening to the narratives of ‘unheadlined’ women more carefully, we can discern the invisible roles that underpin and suffuse contemporary foreign affairs.

More broadly, my interests range from international politics and private sector development to sustainable energy and food security. I look forward to the plethora of intellectual opportunities that I will enjoy as I pursue the M.A. in Global Thought, and explore New York City’s pluralist mosaic.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Challenges: World Politics & Gender Studies, Leiden University College (2017)