M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I grew up, going back and forth, between Alabama, rural Haryana, and Delhi.  I received my bachelor’s in International Relations, International Development, and Human Rights from New York University, as well as a masters from the University of Oxford in Modern South Asia. I’ve worked in electoral politics as an intern, a campaign manager, and eventually chief of staff for a variety of legislators in India. Professionally, I have been involved with Young India Foundation, an advocacy group focused on solving India’s gerontocracy, and the National Indian Students Association of North America, which works on collectivizing Indian student interests. Generally, I strive to be happy yesterday, learn more today, and help people tomorrow.

Research Interests

My research interest began with electoral politics and patronage networks in India. I now am deeply intrigued with India’s youth demographic – 670 million people below the age of 25 live in India – and their interaction with the state and their political clientage networks. After working with YIF on seeking representation for young people over the course of the past year, I now want to explore, through the Global Thought program, a comparative study on youth right’s and mobilization and electoral representation  across the word with India being my specific case-study.