M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

I was born in Nakhichevan, the Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and raised in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan where I graduated from Baku State University with a bachelor’s in International Relations and Economics. I pursued my master’s at the University of Birmingham, UK, where I worked as a Research Assistant and volunteered for the Labour Party MP in Birmingham. My master’s thesis, which was published in 2015 in the Russian Law Journal, employed innovative logic to break the impasse between self-determination and territorial integrity and develop a new precedent for international law.

I also arranged the Caucasus House Roundtable and launched the Caucasus House project that brought together academics, scholars, students, and NGOs from the Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. My Caucasus House project uses an interdisciplinary framework to study the Caucasus region and analyse its politics, economics and culture.

Research Interests

I hope to explore the idea of Corporatism developed by J. Nolt, which introduces an approach to the economics of international relations and reframes the history of political economy.