M.A. Candidate – Class of 2019

M.I. Robinson, the daughter of a firefighter and pharmacist, previously worked as a speechwriter and bookseller. She has hiked in the Himalayas and the Alps, but, after seeing a bear from inside the safety of a car, the native Midwesterner has never stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail.

Research Interests

M.I. Robinson’s research focuses on Global China, which includes China’s responses and contributions to globalization and the international order since Reform and Opening. In addition to exploring Sinophobia in U.S. foreign policy and political rhetoric, she is interested in the People’s Republic of China’s civil society, diplomatic history, intellectual thought traditions, regional integration, and strategic culture.

At Columbia, her coursework has included Chinese Foreign Policy, East Asian Security, Major Texts of East Asia, the History of Political Thought in East Asia, the Global Politics of Culture, and Mandarin Chinese.


  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Spelman College
  • Chinese School, Middlebury College